Go Orange - Milford Sound 12
The quietness, the snow, the rock, the mountain....

Price from NZD 618


9 Hrs 15 Mins approximately

*Subject to availability due to the weather

A journey with a luxury coach with large windows and luxury seating from Queenstown and pass Te Anau to Milford Sound to see spectacular scenery and beautiful view of creatures, which makes the perfect journey to you to take photos. As you arrived to Milford Sound, you are going to take a cruise ship and will fall in love with the beautiful mountains and glaciers.

Back to Queenstown on the plane to see the scenery in different view and can be arrived more faster to your hotel and do shopping.

Obento Lunch - NZD 39/pax

A Japanese style lunch box


Salmon & avocado maki, cucumber sushi, ebi prawn, inari sushi, miso salmon, ponzu, kumara, teriyaki chicken, daikon & wakami salad, rice, furikake & miso soup.


Fruit and Pure New Zealand Ice Cream.