Terms and Conditions



Halal Tour NZ (HTNZ) Limited is committed to provide safe halal meals for all customers. As such, there are a number of important terms and conditions that every customer must adhere to meet their requirements.


Please take a few minutes to read these. It is important to note that in making payment you are indicating your self-agreement to the HTNZ Terms and Conditions, including the cancelation terms.


The Terms & Conditions and Criteria, as detailed in the documents, are in place to protect uncomfortable feeling of our customers of those travelling with HTNZ and their groups who have their faith on halal foods during the journey. 


Halal food is the most important thing in HTNZ services and our team put this seriously into consideration HTNZ delivers halal foods to the customers from the best halal sources in 3 categories




  • Hotels and their restaurants in which selling pork and alcohol, HTNZ put its reputation to pick the reliable place with chefs who are comprehend and reliable to provide halal foods properly to Muslim tourists. It requires a special request from HTNZ to provide halal meats and foods to serve them in halal way to the clients, including seafoods.


  • In buffet style, some hotels and restaurants tend to serve seafood and vegetarian in proper manner to avoid pork contamination. 


  • Some fast foods have separate kitchen stations and they do clarified their HALAL meats and qualified to serve halal menus. In this case, the status of the restaurants is most likely "HALAL by ORDER". It requires to mention HALAL when the tour guide order the food of the menus.


  • Halal BBQ, picnic lunch, bento or lunch box for adventure activities tend to order by HALAL TOUR NZ Limited days/weeks in advance. Therefore, adventure tours in a group of  10 and more with halal meals, should  be booked 2 months in prior at the minimum.




  • The restaurants those are having halal certified from FIANZ or other NZ Islamic council.

  • Deliver proper halal foods to their customers, but they are most likely still sell alcohol in their places. 

  • The owners could be varied in religion and ethnic. 

  • The foods could be found as Indian, Thai food, Indonesian, Chinese, Malaysian, Western Kiwi and many more.




There are a number of fast foods, cafes, even a restaurant in hotels only put “halal” sign to announce they sell halal but no certificate from FIANZ or other New Zealand Muslim council. They can be varying, from kebabs, burger and fire wood pizza. HTNZ is most likely investigated from the owners and taking Muslim community feedback on their menus before refer them to our guests and believe these are appropriate conduct to deliver halal foods to our customers.


The notes below are things to do as HTNZ tour guide private tours and HTNZ tour organizer responsibility when the customers require including meals in the tour package. 


  • A number of fast foods have separate kitchen stations and a number of cafes or restaurants clarified their halal meats and qualified to serve halal menus. In this case, HTNZ should mention to the cashier about halal orderon site or put a note when order them online.

  • Several cafes have sign: for vegetarians, for gluten free and for Halal on their menus HTNZ tour guide tend to pick the Hsign. 

  • Some restaurants have ‘halal” sign online or on book menu, but it is HTNZ responsibility to order halal in every booking for our customers when making a reservation.